Unleash the magic of gesture control.

Say goodbye to the hassle of a traditional mouse and experience a whole new level of productivity and freedom with Cursorly. It's like a touch screen, but without the touch!
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What is Cursorly and how it can be beneficial for you?
Here are some facts.
Effortless control, pain-free movements
Cursorly leverages cutting-edge hand detection and camera technology to liberate you from the physical strain of using a mouse. Wave goodbye to those nagging shoulder and neck pains as you navigate your computer with natural hand gestures, putting comfort and well-being at the forefront.
Wave goodbye to the mouse
No more cramping fingers or searching for that elusive cursor - simply move your hand in front of your device, and watch as the digital world responds to your every gesture. Check out this demo of Air touchpad
No pressure
Effortless precision at your fingertips: With Cursorly, your hand becomes the ultimate controller. Navigate effortlessly through web pages, documents, and creative projects with the smoothness and precision that only your own hand can provide. All of this with less pressure on your muscles and shoulders.
Use both hands
Most of us have a dominant hand and we tend to overuse it when using a mouse or a touchpad. Because of the way you position your hands and palms Cursorly makes it easy to switch between hands. You can start with the right hand, but with a simple gesture you can switch to your left hand and continue in same direction without feeling awkward.
Committed to privacy and open source
Your privacy is our top priority. Cursorly respects your personal space and operates locally on your device without sending any data to the cloud. Rest assured, your hand movements remain your own, providing a secure and private computing experience. Learn more on how we protect your privacy
Open for everyone
Whether you're a tech enthusiast, a productivity guru, or simply someone who loves innovative solutions, Cursorly is here to redefine the way you interact with your digital devices.
Desktop application
Cursorly is a desktop application. It's available on Windows and Linux operating systems. MacOS support is coming soon.
More to come
We plan to add even more ways to move your cursor. Stay tuned!

How does Cursorly work?

Camera icon

Camera and machine learning

To perform hand recognition, we process the video stream from your camera with powerful algorithms. Find out more

Cursor icon

Cursor movement

When you move your hand in front of the camera your cursor will move as well. See it in action

Hand gesture icon

Hand gestures and actions

Use hand gestures to perform operations such as clicking and scrolling. See all hand gestures

Air touchpad demo

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